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GDI Co-Founder, Michael Starr, Interviews Successful GDI Affiliate, Arnie Katz

GDI Co-Founder, Michael Starr,
Interviews Successful GDI Affiliate, Arnie Katz

Phone interview December 14, 2004 - 13:00 PDT
Michael Starr - GDI CEO interviews Arnie Katz, a GDI Affiliate

MS: Arnie, this is Mike Starr with GDI.

AK: Hi Mike!

MS: Hey Arnie. I got your email about the Chanukah gift you bought for yourself and the photo of the car. I can tell it's a Range Rover but I can't tell the model.

AK: It's a Range Rover HSE. I love it!

MS: Wow. That's the top of the line Rover isn't it?

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AK: Yep. I've always wanted one but until I started doing well with GDI I couldn't rationalize laying out the money for it.

MS: Ah come on, you're chairman of the Federal Chamber of Commerce. Surely you can have any car you want!

AK: Yeah, well nobody's salary is what you might think it is. The car was a real treat for me.

MS: (Laugh) OK, well I looked up your commissions history to date and it looks like you're doing pretty well. I wanted to call you and share your story with the field so we're going to transcribe this call. Is that OK with you?

AK: Sure, of course. I love to tell people how excited I am about GDI.

MS: The thing that struck me about your record and your success so far is that you have only 6 people on your front line. Lots of affiliates have double and even triple digit numbers for actives on their front line, but you're making more money than a lot of them, so far. According to accounting, you've received 5 checks totaling more than $6,000. Your first month you got a check for $63, your second month, $239, $649 for August, then $1,842 for September, $3,227 for October, and this month's check, which will be your 6th month in the program, you are getting a check for $4,579.

AK: Yeah, I'm not surprised though. I have some really strong folks under me and I've made a point to support each of them and help them do the same. It's all about "teaching how to teach" and it's working extremely well with GDI. This is the most duplicatable system I have seen. Your program is so unlike any other. There's no barrier to entry. For only $10, and a free trial to boot, how could someone not try it? Now you have them in, and your work starts. You have to help them keep it simple and feel comfortable spreading the word.

MS: Sounds like you have the system down.

AK: I didn't invent it. I just use the tools and training GDI provided. I didn't feel it was necessary to re-invent the wheel. It's obviously already working for a lot of folks out there.

MS: How far do you think you can take it?

AK: The sky's the limit is an understatement. I'm convinced that my team alone in the GDI program will grow to 100,000 or more in the near future. Hey, I should go. I just got an email from GDI that I had some visitors watch the movie on my replicated site. I'm going to call them right now. See ya, and thanks for the opportunity, Mike!

MS: OK, Arnie. Take care and keep up the great work.

AK: You too. Bye Mike.

End of Interview

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